Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth: A Couple with Issues

Date(s) - September 20th 2019
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


 Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth: A Couple with Issues

 A play about men, women, and intimacy. It is, also, about the idea of murder, inside each of their heads,  a co-dependency of psychological symbiosis, depravity, evil. What is it they share? Imagination, moral equivalence, impetuousness.

This discussion will emphasise the role of projection [whyare the witches?], of repression, of the role of imagery and symbolism in our lives. It will also appeal to the part that marital brinkmanship underscores elements of reason versus emotion. If it takes two to tango, does this extend to murders of feeling, of people?  


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