Children’s Art – get involved!

If you are 18 or under and enjoy painting, drawing, sculpting or photography, we would love to be able to see and share your work on our website.


Creative Writing Competitions

Once again we invite children and adults to submit poems and short stories to our anuual competitions. All entries will be included in our annual Anthology (unless entrants opt out) and there are prizes for the winners.

Children’s Art Exhibition

Hailsham Library Western Road, Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom

A free exhibition of art created by Hailsham school children. Winners of this year’s children’s art competition will also be announced on Sat 7th at 3.30pm.


Singalong – Grease

Hailsham Pavilion George Street, Hailsham, United Kingdom

Join Hailsham FM for this year’s sing-a-long – The classic film with on-screen lyrics so EVERYONE can join in. It’s the one that you want!​

Your Stories in Song

Grovelands School Dunbar Drive, Hailsham, United Kingdom

Join musical duo Milton Hide for an evening of original song with help from children of Grovelands School. Exhibition of local history and a chance to share your own stories.


Open Morning – Saturday, September 14th.

Vicarage Field Hailsham Vicarage Field, Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Come along to Vicarage Fields in the centre of town and visit the weekly Saturday market. There will be entertainment including a dance presentation with Steps Dance, a return visit of Long Man Morris children’s crafts with Crafty Annie and children's face painting with Lillipops.


Animazing in Lights

St Mary's Walk St Mary's Walk, Hailsham, United Kingdom

St. Mary’s Walk, in the centre of Hailsham, will be lit up by over 2,000 computer controlled lights for a free music and light show.


Festival Film – blur: to the end

Hailsham Pavilion George Street, Hailsham, United Kingdom

Our annual festival film featuring Laurel and Hardy to complement Jeffrey Holland's show "...and this is Mr Laurel" Arguably the funniest of Laurel and Hardy's feature-length movies, Sons of the Desert is simply crammed with gags, most of which are as funny as anything you're likely to see from 30s Hollywood....